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All jobs are pre-paid by credit card or check. Credit card orders can be completed on-line. Customer will be emailed a PDF proof prior to printing. It is the customer's responsibility to re-read the entire document(s) and catch any errors, both yours or ours. You are the ultimate double-check at the end of the process. We will not print until you have ok'd the proof.

In the event you have changes, even in the materials you have already provided us, there will be a charge of $60 per hour to make these changes, minimum $25. Another proof will be generated for your approval.

Jobs can not be cancelled once the proof has been ok'd by you. Any job cancelled before the proof is ok'd will be charged a $50 handling charge, plus $60 per hour for any work done up to that point.

Jobs will be printed and shipped within approximately 5 working days of final proof approval. To keep your job proceeding quickly, please review and return your proofs quickly. Any approvals coming after 2 pm Central time will count as being received the following business day.

Printing will be performed under normal trade practices, using "pleasing color" standards. That means the color looks normal to a third party. The grass is green, the sky is blue, etc. It does not guarantee a perfect match to your original material, because we have no control over the calibration of your computer monitor, and do not know if you are looking at the correct colors.

If you want a closer color match, order "hard copy proofs" during the on-line check-out procedure. When you receive the proofs, review them, and if ok to run with, return the proofs to us overnight so that the pressmen can have those proofs during the press run to compare to. The clock is not ticking on your job completion time until we receive those proofs back in our hands. Matchprints are requested by a very small percentage of our customers, approximately 2%. We do not recommend it. It's an unnecessary additional expense. Unless you are printing a catalog with gold or human flesh tones, that precise of a match is usually irrelevant.

Once a job is received by you after printing, any claims of error or defect must be made in writing by certified mail within 3 days of receipt. There are no cash refunds. Credits will be issued for the proportional space of the error involved, if the error was not already included in the PDF proof(s) and previously approved by you.

Any damage in transit is up to the customer to claim directly with the freight carrier. We usually use FedEx ground or UPS ground. They are industry leaders, and good people to deal with. We will insure the jobs for their value, but the claim process is your responsibility because we can not document that freight damage from this end. You have all the evidence.

Any disputes under this contract will be settled through binding arbitration, using the American Arbitration Association, Houston, Texas office. This contract is entered into and performed in Harris County, Texas.

In other words, please don't play "gotcha" with your printer. We are trying to keep everyone's costs down. The better original material you give us, the better your finished printed piece will look. If you give us slightly blurry pictures, you're going to get back slightly blurry printed pieces.

If you don't read your proof carefully, you are responsible for resulting errors. We do our best to do a good job. But you need to do your part, too. Thanks for coming to us.

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